What does the retailer recommend for acclimation?

Ask your retailer how long the flooring should be in the home before installation and they should ask you questions.

  • Is it a new home?
  • Is your heating system, HRV and air conditioning operational?
  • Is it a cottage. If so, is it heated in winter?
  • Do have you a basement, crawl space or is the building on piers?

If these questions are not asked, they do not understand the importance of having the answers. If the supplier simply answers, “the wood must acclimate for two weeks”, then they really don’t understand how wood reacts to moisture and the steps to a quality long term installation. Moisture content of your flooring must match the environment it is being installed in. The worst thing for a wood floor would be to sit in the wrong environment before installation.

At Gaylord Hardwood Flooring we strongly recommend the use of a humidistat to monitor your home’s humidity BEFORE and AFTER installation. In 99% of cases the hardwood flooring does NOT need to sit on site before installation, and in most cases it can have negative effects.

For more infomation on this, and other subjects, visit Gaylord Hardwood Flooring.

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