Is there a flooring and finish warranty?

Be sure to ask this question of your hardwood flooring salesperson.

If you purchase your hardwood flooring from a retailer who buys from a distributor who buys from a manufacturer things can get confusing quickly.

Much of the hardwood flooring sold in North America is imported from Asia and South America, which causes enormous warranty problems when dealing with retailers, distributors and the manufacturer. This is not a problem when dealing with Gaylord Hardwood Flooring.

If you have to deal directly with a manufacturer in Asia regarding warranty issues you won’t likely get any satisfaction.

Our floors have a lifetime Structural Warranty.

Our floors have a 40-year Surface Warranty to the original owner when used under normal household conditions. For warranty issues you deal directly with us, the manufacturer, and we want you happy. Claims departments at large manufacturers consist of people sitting in an office reading reports.

For more infomation on this, and other subjects, visit Gaylord Hardwood Flooring.

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